We have a large range of Equipment to complete any size of project, be it small to large.

General Earth Moving Equipment

DrivewayEquipment 04Kawasaki Loader DrivewayEquipment 032.4 Tonne Dual Drum Roller DrivewayEquipment 30Dingo / Kanga with attachments
DrivewayEquipment 253.5 Tonne Kubota Excavator DrivewayEquipment 265.5 Tonne Excavator/Rock Breaker  



DrivewayEquipment 01Dual Cab Supervisor Ute DrivewayEquipment 028 Tonne Ford Louiville Tipper DrivewayEquipment 138 Tonne International Tipper Truck
DrivewayEquipment 29Work Ute - Tilt Back Tray DrivewayEquipment 05All terraine Tool Cat  



DrivewayEquipment 06Grabble DrivewayEquipment 07Grader DrivewayEquipment 08Harley Rake for Recycled Bitumen
DrivewayEquipment 11Harley Rake DrivewayEquipment 12Harley Rake DrivewayEquipment 09Roller
DrivewayEquipment 10Slasher DrivewayEquipment 14Cement / Sand Spreader DrivewayEquipment 15Rock Breaker
DrivewayEquipment 161000 Litre Water Cart DrivewayEquipment 17Forks DrivewayEquipment 18Flip Screen
DrivewayEquipment 19Concrete Rake Bucket DrivewayEquipment 20Bucket DrivewayEquipment 214 in 1 Bucket
DrivewayEquipment 274 in 1 Bucket DrivewayEquipment 22Road Broom DrivewayEquipment 23Rippers
DrivewayEquipment 24Auger DrivewayEquipment 28Boom Lifter